We are dedicated arborists who have a passion for trees. We strive to provide reliable, friendly, honest advice and cost effective services to all new and existing clients.

We recognise that in our modern world trees and people must live side by side and try to take environmental concerns into consideration alongside those of safety and professionalism. We assess the environmental impact of any proposed tree work, to the tree itself and any wildlife implications that may occur.

Is the proposed work necessary? Will it support or harm the immediate environment and if so what can be done to overcome this. For example, where there is no choice but to fell a tree, replanting one or more in its place is an important way of mitigating against this loss. Where a rotten tree is removed, retaining a portion of the trunk can be a useful wildlife haven and the trunk itself can follow the natural decaying process without the safety concerns raised by retaining a dead or dying tree.

Tree Work

We carry out all aspects of tree work in a professional and ecologically sound manner. Services include pruning, crown lifts, thinning and reductions, felling, coppicing, pollarding, stump removal and planting.

As part of our felling service, we encourage the replanting of new trees, either in the same or a different location to the felled tree. We are able to undertake tree planting of any size or scale including tree-moving, maintenance and aftercare.

Additionally, we encourage you to view your garden as a wildlife habitat and can offer advice and proactive action in habitat creation and maintenance, lightning protection, woodchip mulching, tree feeding (with mycorrhizal fungi) and root protection.

Should you require advice on your trees either for insurance or planning purposes we offer a comprehensive Tree-Survey Service to BS5837:2012. We can also gain approval on your behalf for works to trees covered by Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s) or those within Conservation Areas.

Hedges & Gardens

Alongside our tree-surgery work we offer a range of garden and hedge services. These include general maintenance, tidying, mowing, weeding and planting as well as providing advice in these areas and helping when required, to maintain wildlife habitats within your garden. We also offer the additional services of tidying and pruning hedges of all sizes, fencing installation and garden redesign.

We aim at all times to work quietly and professionally. We are Registered Waster Carriers and reuse 100% of our waste meaning on completion we leave your garden immaculate.